Syed Asim Hussain

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Syed Asim Hussain co-founded Black Sheep Restaurants with an extensive background in restaurant operations and finance. Asim was born in Hong Kong, but spent most of his upbringing in Pakistan. After earning a dual bachelor’s degree in Finance and International Relations from Carnegie Mellon University, Asim moved to New York City for a position at BNY ConvergEx, a leading investment firm. During his time in New York, he developed a deep interest in the city’s dynamic restaurant scene. When Asim returned to Hong Kong in 2010, he set out to combine his financial background with his passion for the restaurant industry, taking on a year-long apprenticeship at Dining Concepts before starting Black Sheep Restaurants. When he is not crunching numbers or taking care of guests in his restaurants, Asim loves to travel and is passionate about all things Pakistan, including poetry, politics and cricket.