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Introducing a neo-Parisian bistro that showcases French-rooted yet locally influenced cooking created with the best available ingredients and well-executed basics made from scratch. Reminiscent of the dynamic food scene found in Paris’ 11th arrondissement, BELON presents a refreshing genre of French cuisine in a pared-down SoHo space that allows the restaurant’s sincere approach to food to shine. The menu highlights local produce whilst maintaining a commitment to French classics. Divided into hors d’oeurve, entrées, mains and desserts, guests can enjoy a meal alongside an all-French list of predominately natural and biodynamic wines. Items such as freshly shucked oysters, scallops served in the shell and beetroot salad with walnut butter take centre stage whilst Plats du Jour make the most of Chef James Henry’s talent for nose-to- tail butchery. Irresistible favourites round off the BELON experience on the sweetest note. The niche wine program focuses on boutique producers that exhibit the same care and attention to detail as the farmers represented on the menu. With surfaces made of terrazzo, onyx and aluminium, the space speaks to an unassuming luxe via a nod to the art-deco.

The Chef

Australian born James Henry brings a new genre of French cuisine to Hong Kong. Raised in France until four and with culinary invested parents, Henry was exposed to excellent cuisine from an early age. Following school, he found his way into the organisation of esteemed restaurateur Andrew McConnell via university, an Indonesian charter boat and cattle property. Inspired by McConnell’s work ethic and the intensity of his kitchens, he aspired to one day run his own. In 2011, he relocated to Paris, working at Spring and Au Passage, before opening his first restaurant Bones – a place that gained international attention for its honest and unassuming approach.


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42-45 Elgin Street, Soho TEL: +85221522872