Burger Circus

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Burger Circus brings the convivial spirit of classic American diners to the neighbourhoods of Hong Kong. Whether for an easy lunch, or late night dinner, guests are invited to feast upon an iconic, but inventive menu at any time. Made from five ounces of USDA certified prime three-way chuck, our burger patties are freshly ground throughout the day, grilled to order and served on a toasted soft bun – with guests having over 10 burger styles to choose from. A selection of fries and sides completes the main meal, one only further heightened by the presence of traditional desserts, milkshakes, house-made sodas and ice cream floats. Iconic American brands, Frank’s Hot Sauce and Winsonsin cheese feature both for flavour, and authenticity. The train carriage themed dining room was created in reference to the original late 19th century American diners – ones that operated from abandoned railway cars. The unique façade, and warm interior beckons to those passing by and regulars returning to satisfy their burger urges.

The Chef

With strong culinary expertise and a passion for food, So Chiu Wan (Chiu) is well equipped for his position as Burger Circus’ Head Chef. A protégé of Black Sheep Restaurants founder Christopher Mark since 2008, Chiu joined the group at its inception and held key positions in many restaurants, before taking the helm at Burger Circus. Chiu considers the hamburger a complete meal in one portion – bread, followed by a salad and a serving of protein. He treats the burger patties as he would a steak - ensuring the complete burger is guaranteed a juicy burst.


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Sunday to Wednesday 11am - 11pm
Thursday to Saturday 11am - 3am